A Bowlful of Happiness

Par Harriet Impey & Katie Pickwoad
Parution: 2011

The little Chinese boy Kang, imprisoned in sadness on a Chinese porcelain vase for more than 350 years by a slip of the painter’s brush, is suddenly released by a magical wish, he sets out on an adventure trough Chinese culture history. He is joined along the way by auspicious animals: Dragon, Lion, Dog, Elephant, the Mandarin Ducks and Feng Huang. The characters he meets, and what he learns during his travels, help him to realize eventually that sometimes happiness is to be found where you least expect it. Using the rich and colourful decoration of Chinese porcelain, this book captures children’s imagination with lively characters taken from real pieces. It introduces children to the beauty of Chinese art and the symbolic meanings behind it, as well as bridging cultural divides with a charming and original story.

Publié par: Geldermalsen Publications
ISBN 9789072370068
28,5 x 28,5 cm
30 Pages

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